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Dear Tattoo Tom,

On February 1, 2020, my son, Tucker, a 7th grader and baseball player in Fairfax Virginia had surgery to remove a large mass from the right side of his brain. Clem (my son likes to name biologics removed from his body) was thankfully sitting on top of his brain and had not worked it’s way inside. It was not a typical brain tumor and it took two agonizing weeks for Children’s Hospital and finally NIH to diagnose “Clem” as a rare type of malignancy called Myxoid Sarcoma. It originates in soft fatty tissue, usually in the arms or legs, and therefore threw pathology for a real loop. As far as we know, Tucker is the first case where a Mixoid Sarcoma originated in the dura, the middle layer of tissue surrounding the brain. As you can imagine, this was devastating news for us.

Armed with an amazing crew of oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, family and amazing friends and teammates, Tucker is ready to finish this fight and destroy all remnants of Clem. We recently learned that Clem has not metastasized and it was the primary tumor. This was unbelievably good news and we are now waiting for radiation to develop his treatment plan.

Tucker will undergo proton beam radiation five days a week for six weeks to kill any remnants of the tumor. He will then undergo MRIs every few months to monitor the site to make sure Clem doesn’t make a comeback. Please consider honoring Tucker - aka Tucktanium in your run this October. Tucker is a fighter and has been so incredibly strong and brave. He inspires me every day to see the good and put my brave face on.

You can read more about Tucker’s journey at

You could also purchase a T-shirt designed by Tucktanium himself to help strike this turkey out

Thanks so much for doing this. It truly takes a village to help fight this battle.

Kind regards,
Randee (mom) Jonathan (dad) Tucker and Braden (little bro)

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