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Bryce was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia May 17, 2018, just 6 weeks before his high school graduation. Nothing could prepare our family for what was to follow after diagnosis. Bryce spent most of his first 11 months in and out of Golisano upstate children’s hospital with so many different things - from neutropenia, a nasty ecoli infection that made him septic on June 18th and he was very sick. Then on his high school graduation, he ended going to his graduation, but when we got home to party he had to go back in hospital for the ecoli infectios. My husband and I had to be his caregivers because he couldn’t do anything by himself; we had to bath him, wipe him, which for an 18 year old was probably embarrassing.  He has done physical therapy and still needs a cane and will need to have his hip fixed when he is done with treatment 20 months from now.

His right hip was damaged by ecoli and it ate away his cartilage in his hip and bone grew back and it hurts but he still walks with a cane. What you do for your ride is so inspiring. Last year, I did a ride for cancer only 17 miles but it was so much fun because I knew I was doing it for my son. So first picture is Bryce’s first days of diagnosis, 2nd picture his graduation, 3rd doing better, 4th Our family in January at a hockey game. Thank you Tina Bechtel

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