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At 2-years-old, King Singh, who wasw born and raised in Queens, NY, was diagnosed with a rare and deadly combination of leukemia (high risk) and G6PD. G6PD is a rare blood disease that is lifelong and incurable.

King was on chemotherapy treatment DAILY for 3 ½ years since diagnosis June 6, 2016 through October 21, 2019. King has been through SO much. He took 75 chemo pills month. He's had countless spinal taps with chemo with numerous blood and platelet transfusions. The scariest part of the chemotherapy treatment is that it can cause a secondary cancer. Today King is 6-years-old and has neuropathy (nerve damage) and leukoencephalopathy which is brain swelling and white brain matter loss from the toxicity of the chemotherapy treatment, as well as other chronic long term side effects.

King is truly our HERO and inspires us. He is an asset to his community. He volunteers, models in fashion shows and participates in walks to advocate, raise money and spread awareness about childhood cancer and bullying. He also does toy drives so he can deliver toys to children like him diagnosed with life threatening illnesses to make them smile. He’s spent so many weeks in isolation during treatment that he knows exactly how it feels and how much one toy can brighten up a child’s day.

King dreams to be a professional model, artist, basketball player and chef.

Although he is in over $80k in medical debt, he is driven to find a cure for cancer and make a difference in the world since he was just 5-years-old attending various events throughout the US to share his story and make a difference.

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