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Kinsley Harper McCormack was born on February 15th 2012. In 2017 she was diagnosed with Myxopapillary Ependymoma after removing a Tumor from the lower part of her Spine. In 2018 she experienced a recurrence in the same area of the Spine and under went a second surgery at Children's Hospital in Washington DC. Unfortunately, a little less than a year later in March of 2019,  she experienced another recurrence in the Spine as well as the Brain. Surgery was not an option at this point due to the location of the tumor's, so we moved forward with 8 weeks of full Brain and Spine Radiation. She received Radiation treatment at the INOVA Schar Cancer Institute as well as the Maryland Proton Beam Treatment Center in Baltimore Maryland. Kinsley was a champ throughout all of her Surgeries and Treatments and never lost that smile that can light up a room despite the pain and the sickness that came along with the surgeries and treatments. In July of 2019 Kinsley got to ring the bell after completing Radiation and was monitored closely every three months following. Together as a family we started to get back into a groove of things and stayed very hopeful and positive that the Radiation was key to never worrying about Cancer again. In September 2021 at one of Kinsley's routine MRI's it was discovered that she unfortunately has three new, very small brain tumors. After several appointments and discussions regarding treatment, it was decided that Oral Chemotherapy was the best option and she started treatment on November 23rd 2021. Following the start of treatment at her February 2022 MRI it was discovered that Kinsley has a new bone tumor that is located in the Skull, she will under-go surgery for removal in May 2022. We are hopeful that the new tumor is a benign side effect from the previous Radiation that she has received and that she will continue to fight this nasty disease AND WIN, like the true Warrior we know her to be!! Despite everything that our little girl has gone through and still faces, she remains the brightest light we have ever known. Her smile and laugh are infectious and the strength and courage that she shows with everything she does has honestly left us speechless at times. 

Thank you Stillbrave, for everything that you have done and continue to do for our babies. Good luck on your race!! 

The McCormack Family 

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