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Mile #91 JJ 

Jj's story started on July 10, 2013. Almost exactly 1 month after his 2nd bday he was diagnosed with Pre B ALL leukemia. He was immediately admitted and started on chemo. On day 28 of his treatment he went into acute renal failure and was admitted into PICU. He was started on dialysis but like a warrior he pulled through, treatment continued soon after. It was 3 and a half years of treatment but he took every port access, bone marrow aspiration,spinal tap, and every oral medication he had to take like a champion! He is our hero just like every other child that has faced this monster... He has been off of treatment for 2 years now and is a thriving, energetic, LOVING 7 year old. 

Thank you tattoo Tom for being such an inspiration and such a wonderful support for these kids and their families. I read your post and look at your pictures and always have tears in my eyes. You can see the love you have for all the kids. What a blessing you are.

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