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Anastasia was diagnosed on December 20, 2016, at 8 months old with an aggressive brain tumor that caused her go totally blind. Right before her first Christmas. From then on, every Christmas would be the hardest time of year for spending 3 out of her 4 Christmases in the hospital. She has undergone 14 surgeries and over three years of treatments, 12 different chemotherapies and 2 trials, all which have failed. She has lost the ability to walk and most function in her left side. She has been given a prognosis from days to weeks to months on many occasions and has fought back. Her most recent and worst prognosis was in December 2019 when her tumor had aggressive progression, causing too much pressure in her brain, making her unresponsive and giving her at most a week to live. But Ana had other plans. Doctors were able to remove 40% of her temporal lobe, allowing some pressure to be relieved. Her vitals stabilized and she woke up. A new treatment has been started, but if this treatment does not work, her battle will come to an end soon. She will have her first MRI since starting treatment on March 5, 2020.

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