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Mile #62 Ariella 

Ariella was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in February 2017, at age 9 following leg pain which was thought to be an injury. She is a dancer so we thought it just didn't have a chance to rest. Following an x-ray and MRI we were referred to an orthopedic oncologist who diagnosed cancer in her tibia, likely Ewing's Sarcoma which was confirmed with a biopsy. Ariella endured 17 rounds of chemotherapy, requiring inpatient hospital stays every other week for 2 or 5 nights each time. She had several fevers and other complications including infections and punctured lungs, and required multiple blood and platelet transfusions. She had limb salvage surgery in June 2017 which involved removing 4 inches of her tibia and placing an external fixator which she had for almost a year, and allowed her to regrow her bone. She had the fixator removed in June 2018 and continues to have physical therapy twice/week to regain her strength and range of motion. Following the 17 rounds of chemo Ariella was declared no evidence of disease in December 2017. She had her central line removed in January 2018 and returned to school. In June 2018 a routine chest x-ray showed a lesion on her lung. A CT scan, PET scan and MRI confirmed relapse to her lungs and sacrum. She had a lung biopsy and her port placed and she started treatment for relapse in June 2018. To date she has had 5 rounds of chemo. After 4 rounds it was determined the chemo was not working so the meds were switched for round 5. Upcoming she will continue chemo, outpatient, 5 days on and 2 weeks off and will start radiation. The hope is that the disease can be stabilized so that she can have a bone marrow transplant with her father or mother as the donor. In the meantime she is still attending school and is back in the dance studio, dancing ballet, jazz, lyrical, musical theater, and her favorite style of all, tap. Ariella has been through so much and yet she continues to be the sassy, spunky, fiesty young girl she always was.

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