Mile #63 in honor of Harper

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Harper is about to turn 2 on March 15th. She has underdone 5 rounds of induction chemo, 2 rounds of high dose chemo along with 2 stem cell transplants. She is now undergoing radiation every day. We will find out if this is working 2 days after her Birthday when she goes through a PET and MIBG scan. Next up is 6 months of immunotherapy. We live in Virginia but travel to Philadelphia for cancer treatment. Harper always has a smile on her face and she is filled with joy and a contagious beautiful spirit that keeps us all up on the worst days.

It would be an honor to have you run one of the miles for her. I could barely hike around Moab because I was burning up; you are a badass running it!! Thank you for what you do for these kids and families.


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