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Julia Grace Eveland  

November 16, 2004 - September 5, 2013

“Do you ever get sad and blue?”  “Well, I have a list!” 

As my daughter Julia and I cuddled in bed, she asked me this question and proceeded to give me a list of ten things to do to make you happy. 

#1 – Grab a friend and have a lunch date…# 5 – Think about puppies…#10 – Give Someone a Hug…

A few days after Julia gave me this precious list, she died.

This simple conversation best portrays Julia – an eight year old that always put others first.  When she was first diagnosed at the age of five, she tried to find ways to make the other children at the hospital happy.  From donating all of her birthday gifts to other children at clinic to insisting that a fundraiser for her all go to help others at her hospital, Julia was so generous and kind.  And during her last days, when Julia knew she was dying, she worried about how we would be happy.

Julia’s was diagnosed with Wilm’s tumor with favorable histology in December of 2009, shortly after her 5th birthday.  For more than 3-1/2 years, Julia confronted her cancer with courage and grace.  The treatments and chemotherapy drugs she received were developed decades before her diagnosis.

When Julia relapsed the last time, we were faced with the cruel reality - there were no options, there were no current trials for Wilm’s, there were no new drugs and ultimately, there was no future for our beautiful daughter.

We dream and work towards a future of “yes”- a future when children diagnosed with cancer have a have options for safe and effective treatments, a future where parents watch a world of opportunities unfold for their children,  and a future filled with happiness for every child.

(The Foundation that bears Julia's name works to bring happiness and support to children with cancer and their families - just like Julia would have wanted.)

We would be honored if you would dedicate a mile to Julia again.  

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