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The day that changed us forever. May 20,2013 my daughter Jisele was diagnosed with Pre-B ALL Leukemia. She endured 2 1/2 years of treatment. To say it was a nightmare is putting it mildly. I watched her go through so much and through it all she always kept smiling. I swore to her the second day she was in the hospital that I was going to spread awareness. That night as I was in the bed in her room I thought to myself what can I do and bang it hit me like a brick wall. I saw so many people with the pink ribbon. It was everywhere and everyone knew what it was. I said I’m going to get the childhood cancer ribbon on my arm. The next day it was done. I made thousands of awareness cards to go with it. I have had thousands of people ask me every day hey shouldn’t that be pink or what is that. That’s when I tell them about childhood cancer and hand then one of our cards. It is now over six years later and she is doing absolutely fantastic. Getting ready to enter 5 th grade. I watch her very closely for side effects as we know that what cures them has a good chance to ultimately hurt them later on. She is my true Warrior Princess Jisele. Here is her website:
Facebook: JiselesLeukemiaBattle 
Instagram: curechildhoodcancers
Twitter: ChildhoodCancerAwareness
And here is an article about us: 

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