Mile #58 in honor of Ezekiel

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Mile #58 Ezekiel 

This is Ezekiel. He is an amazing 11 year old son, brother, grandson, friend and baseball player. He is so intelligent and sweet and loving. He loves to read and wants to become a baseball player and get a PHD in History. He has an amazing heart and has empathy for everyone he comes in contact with. If you know him is to LOVE his, he is amazing.
At this time there is no funds for research so there is no cure. His family is desperatly seeking hope for their son. This is where you come in. Please bless this family so that they can fight for their son!!! Please pray pray pray for Ezekiel and his family and if you can give a monetary donation to help the fight.
This is one of the hardest things to type but we are still praying and are still hopeful because no matter what the doctors say God is in control and we still hold on to faith. 
Ezekiel was diagnised with DIPG
What is DIPG?
A diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is an aggressive type of childhood cancerous tumor that forms in the brain stem. That’s the area at the base of your brain that connects the brain to the spine. The brain stem controls most of your basic functions: vision, hearing, talking, walking, eating, breathing, heart rate, and more.

Gliomas are tumors that grow from glial cells, which are found throughout the nervous system. They surround and support nerve cells, called neurons.

DIPG is difficult to treat, and it most often develops in children between the ages of 5 and 9. However, DIPG can affect anyone at any age. The condition is rare. About 300 children a year are diagnosed with DIPG in the United States.

His family wants to bring awareness and find a cure!!

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