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Dominic Liples 5/1/8-12/7/16  DMG Diffuse Midline Glioma 8 1/2 Dominic was a wonderful child. Healthy as can be until he was diagnosed. He never needed more than a bandaid before cancer. Dominic bravely battled for exactly 9 months. He had 4 major brain surgeries, chemo, radiation and finally a last ditch effort with immunotherapy. All the while, he stayed positive and never complained. He lost the use of his left side. He remained sweet and loving. Dominic was empathetic and kind to others, having grown up (all 8 years💔) with a paralyzed brother, he knew what it was like to miss out on things. He tried to make sure his brother Ciarlo was always included❤️ We will miss Dominic for all of our days and we look forward to being reunited in Heaven.

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