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Oliviah Hall is the 9-year-old daughter of Bryan Brown and Miriah Hall. She is being raised by her daddy in Ashtabula, OH. On Wednesday, August 2, 2017 she went to her pediatrician complaining of intermittent headaches, severe neck pain and vision changes. Her symptoms had been present for about 2 weeks. The doctor ordered a CT scan and notified Oliviah's dad to take her to Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital immediately because the scan showed a brain tumor. She was admitted to the PICU since the tumor was blocking the flow of cerebral spinal fluid and increasing the pressure in her brain. Oliviah required 2 brain surgeries, one of which was 15 hours in the OR, to remove the tumor. The biopsy results were not what we hoped for. Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV is a nasty name for a nasty tumor, an aggressive, malignant (cancerous) tumor. Oliviah has a long road ahead, an aggressive tumor requires aggressive treatment. Oliviah received 33 rounds of radiation in Sept-Oct 2017 and attempted several rounds of chemotherapy. In May 2018, Oliviah’s brain tumor returned. Oliviah received Gamma Knife radiation and traveled to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to seek further treatment options and clinical trials. In July 2018, Oliviah's tumor spread through her entire brain and spine. She was unable to participate in any clinical trials because she was considered "unstable". In August 2018, Oliviah received 18 rounds of craniospinal radiation, radiation to her entire brain and spine. In September 2018, Oliviah entered palliative/hospice care. 

Oliviah is a spunky, outgoing, energetic little girl who loves to sing and dance. She danced with the Groundbreakers Dance Team (Ashtabula) and loves going to church every week with her grandma (Jefferson Church of the Nazarene). Oliviah was desperate to start eating pancakes and bacon again after her brain surgeries. Her favorite restaurant is Manhatten Deli in Willoughby, OH. Oliviah recommends and invites everyone she meets to dine there. She believes the mashed potatoes are the best on the planet. She loves Pokemon and the colors robin's egg blue and seafoam green. She loves unicorns, cats and all things that sparkle. Oliviah loves Cleveland sports and is happy to cheer on the Indians, Cavs and Browns at any opportunity. She wants to be an FBI agent when she grows up. Oliviah had her wish granted and became an FBI agent for the day in Cleveland, OH. She traveled to Washington DC and met the Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray. Oliviah’s favorite pastime is catching up with her FBI friends, attending training sessions with her partner, Agent Breen, and flashing her credentials at Starbucks. Oliviah has had many fun opportunities over the last year while battling brain cancer. She says that the thing that brings her the most happiness is making other people smile. She wants to meet the entire world, one person at a time. 

She is the big sister of Bryan, Kyleigh, and Keegan (born at 28 weeks in Oct 2017). Oliviah has tons of cousins, who are her best friends and closer than siblings, and 4 sisters-to-be. She brightens up everyone's day and is immediately friends with anyone she meets. Oliviah named her tumor "Stitch" (from Lilo and Stitch) after her Uncle Dan explained to her that a tumor is like a little alien growing where it is not supposed to be. Before her first brain surgery, Oliviah had a jam session with the Music Therapist at the Cleveland Clinic and lots family. She sang songs by her favorite artists, Sophia Carson and Kelly Clarkson. Her grandmother recorded her final number, Piece by Piece. Oliviah told her Uncle Curtis to make her video viral because one day she will be famous. Her Facebook video currently has over 17K Views and has been shared over 700 times.

Oliviah is being raised by her dad, Bryan. Oliviah receives treatment at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital (1 hour away) and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (4 hours away). Bryan is fighting with his entire being for his little girl. They need all the love, support and prayers to get through treatment. Brain surgery and a brain tumor, named Stitch, will not slow down this spunky girl. 

***Oliviah's spunkiness, bravery and laughter paved the way through her 16-month battle. Sadly, Oliviah passed away on Saturday, December 29, 2018 after a courageous battle against brain cancer. Her desire was to help other children fighting cancer and find a cure for brain cancer so no other child would suffer from this disease. Oliviah's family is working to keep her legacy alive. 

Oliviah's journey can be followed on and Instagram#TeamOliviah (@team_oliviah) • Instagram photos and videos

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