Mile #43 in honor of Jazz

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Mile #43 Jazz 

Jazmyne (Jazz) Alexandra Davis 
Ewing’s Sarcoma
September 16, 2000 - March 4, 2015

It’s hard to describe Jazz correctly because words do no justice. From the time she was little you could tell she was an “old soul” for a lack of better words. She loved everything and everyone she came across in life and wouldn’t let anyone not like her. When she was diagnosed a month before turning 13 she never asked why, never complained or felt sorry for herself. She used to go get treatments and cry for the other kids there because “they didn’t deserve to be there” but never once said she didn’t deserve it, or ask why she had it, she always thought of everyone else before herself. She inspired so many people in her short 14 years by teaching everyone who knew her or anyone who crossed paths with her what life truly is, which is beautiful. She loved life and never let people forget that even when things didn’t look great that they could still find the beauty in it all. She battled for 18 months but in that 18 months she inspired people for a lifetime to be kind, loving and to just love what was handed to them even if it is crappy. She always said life is better with sparkles and she is our sparkle in the darkest of times she is always our light and as her mom I can say she taught me how to never give up and how to keep fighting which continues to help me keep fighting and go on everyday without her. 

Thank you for all you do for the kids. 

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