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Mile #33 Peyton 

Peyton Daniel Belling was born September 20, 2011. By the time he was 6 months old we knew his favorite color was orange and that never changed. He loved his family and one of his favorite movies was our wedding video, which he probably watched 100 times in his short life. 
Peyton had a wonderful life until December, 2014 when we noticed some strange symptoms starting to appear. In January, 2015 he was diagnosed with ALL. On February 25, 2015 he died. 
His sister was 2 and his brother 6 months. His youngest sister hadn’t been born yet. We have worked very hard to keep Peyton’s memory alive and teach our other children to speak openly about him. We started a non-profit organization in Peyton’s honor, Peyton’s Promise, Inc ( one month after his death, and we will strive to help families faced with adversity in Peyton’s name for the rest of our lives. 
Seeing all the pictures submitted for the Bigfoot breaks my heart every year. And every year, it reminds me that we all need to keep fighting to prevent so many kids from continuing to die from cancer and the many complications its treatment causes. 
Thank you Tom and team for all that you do for all of these kids; for putting your feet in the painful fire of childhood cancer time and time again to offer support to these kids and their families whose worlds have been rocked. 

We would be honored for Tom to carry our sweet baby on this difficult journey again. 

Molly & Eric Belling
Peyton’s parents

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