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Hi Tatoo Tom and Stillbrave Angels,
I’m writing to ask for you to honor my beautiful daughter Hanna Elizabeth Markham. 
It feels so weird typing out her full name. She fought until the end, holding on to every inch of her life, until she took her last breath here on this earth on Mother’s Day, 5/10/2020, ten days before her 11th birthday. She fought to live her life as best she could during those years, even as she was living life as one of your most vulnerable cancer patients for over 8 years. Wow. I can’t even believe all she endured, even though we were always together. I’m so lonely now without my little kitty cat by my side.
She always said she had reincarnated and was a cat in her former life. She would see random cats and tell me about them as if she had been part or their family. She was renowned for loving cats. She even has a published book illustrated with her drawings for sale on Amazon. She lived a good life and was always laughing and singing, in spite of the grueling treatment she was going through, radiation, chemo, surgeries, hospital stays.
I can’t put into words her bravery, spirit, or will to live. It was epic to say the least. I miss her with all my heart and soul.
Thank you,
Melissa Markham
Hanna’s mom

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