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Our Princess Anastasia Konstanze was born Sept.18 2006. She brought light, joy,  happiness in our lives. She inspired people, she lived life to the full, she was a talented artist, she enjoyed playing piano, painting, playing with her brother and pets and just lightened the world with her presence. Anastasia enjoyed reading, baking,  loved horses, balloons, stuffed animals, minions, puzzles.
She brought sunshine and happiness to all who knew her.
Sadly, in April 2015 we became a devastating news - at  the age of 8 Anastasia was diagnosed with  a terminal brain cancer - death sentence DIPG. 
Anastasia fought bravely, never complained, cared of others and encouraged us to stay strong and touched so many hearts during our journey. She passed away on June14th 2016, after almost 14months of her brave battle. Our world became forever  eternal emptiness. 

She is our Love and our Soulmate, forever our best friend and she is the strongest and most caring  person we ever knew. She missed every single moment of every single day.
We love you, Baby-girl, we love you to  the moon and back. And much much more.
Until we meet you again.


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