Mile #23 in honor of Tarrin

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Dear Tom,

The Hoban family would be honored for our girl, Tarrin, to go on this final run with you!!
Tarrin is 10 years old now. January 30th 2022, was her 8 year Remission-Versary from Leukemia. Tarrin is the bravest girl we know & a constant inspiration for our family.  She shows us everyday how much love & sass one person can give!! She makes us laugh & keeps us dancing!! Tarrin definitely makes this world a better place, just like you, Tom!!

Her favorite activities include dancing,  singing & running. She enjoys watching musicals, as well as performing in them. 
She loves her dog, Lola, her nephew Daxy, her big brother & sister & her best friends Hudson & Addy. 

Thank you for all you are doing to shine light on kiddos fights cancerSUCKS.


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