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Meg was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on December 23rd 2015. She was 13 years old at the time and we were on vacation on the Oregon Coast. After spending the first month of her treatment in Portland’s Children’s hospital, she was allowed to come home to Virginia on January 21st only to go back into the hospital with a severe blood clot in her arm. She continued to face complication after complication during her chemotherapy treatment. From fungal meningitis, to pancreatitis, to steroid-induced diabetes, and even appendicitis and a gallbladder attack. If it was a weird side-effect of treatment, she seemed to get it. Meg completed treatment on May 16th 2018 and celebrated with a No More Chemo party! She recently celebrated 5 years off chemo in May of 2023

Known as the Mayor of the oncology floor in the hospital, Meg was always social while in patient. Meg got to know the other children, the nurses, techs, and all of the doctors quite well and they became part of her family. As a way to give back to all of the people who supported her while she was sick, Meg started “Meg’s Giveback” where she collects toys during the holidays and delivers them to the hospital in December in honor of her “cancervershary”…. and in the month of July for Christmas in July. Through Meg’s Giveback, Meg has become a fierce advocate and speaker for kids in the fight and to bring awareness to her story. 

Over the last year she has been faced with some new health challenges.. and is facing a few different chronic diagnoses. It’s taken so much strength on her part.. and a lot of fight to get to where she is today… and it sucks that she has to keep fighting through this now. 

Meg is taking classes at a local community college and doing a lot of living and what she loves. She is hoping to work in the advocacy/marketing/social media world.. that she fell in love with through running Meg’s Giveback. Despite her challenges… she is always trying to be positive and happy. 

Meg loves deeply, and kindness is very important to her. She is a bubbly, kind, passionate, resilient 21 year old who just wants to make a difference in this life she was given. Life hasn’t always been easy for her, but with the strength inside her and support from her community she has continued to blossom into who she is today. 

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