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Caoilinn was abruptly diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) at 15. Since then she has endured many serious complications and intense treatment, but has kept her sense of sarcastic and witty humor. Since her original diagnosis in 2016, Caoilinn's AML has relapsed twice, each time requiring a bone marrow transplant (BMT). It seems that at every turn Caoilinn’s grit and strength of spirit are put to the test. Yet, she persists and remains more resilient than ever.

Countless rounds of Chemo, Radiation, Conditioning, and life threatening allergic reactions later, Caoilinn is rebuilding her life from the ground up once again. Harsh outdated medications and unreliable treatment protocols have left this Division I bound athlete with a plethora of severe and debilitating side effects. Her ambition and drive are unwavering, still. She has become a fierce advocate for Childhood Cancer Research and continues to work towards her goal of playing soccer at the Naval Academy and becoming a commissioned officer in the Marine Corps! Caoilinn continues to battle the side effects of her cancer and its treatment while leading the fight for more awareness and funding for kids, adolescents, and young adults with cancer. The 5280ft in this mile are a tribute to, (more than) 5280 days and nights spent in a hospital, 5280 times Caoilinn’s friends did something without her, 5280 times she missed out on a soccer or volleyball game, tournament, or practice, 5280 cold chicken noodle soups from the hospital’s food service, 5280 major blood transfusions, 5280 medication infusions, 5280 boiling blisters, 5280 dry breaths of hospital air, 5280 icey showers taken while receiving a cold I.V. drip, 5280 needle sticks despite having a medical device implanted inside her breast, 5280 allergic reactions, 5280 unconsolable sleepless nights, 5280 tears, 5280 lost friends, 5280 projectile vomiting sessions, 5280 eggs that have been destroyed, 5280 tests and scans, 5280 precious moments on Earth spent in inexplicable agony, and ultimately 5280 breaths, (more than) 5280 kids will not take! 

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