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My daughter Abby was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in May of 2018. She was 6 years 11 months old. What started put as headaches escalated into waking up with headaches,  vomiting,  loss of concentration and no energy.  We thought we were going in for migraine control.  But our world was shattered on May 3rd of 2018. My daughter endured an almost 9 hour brain surgery. She did 31 rounds of brain and spinal radiation.  9 intensive inpatient chemo, 40 rounds of outpatient chemo, 10 blood transfusions and so many tears. She is currently in Physical therapy,  occupational therapy,  speech therapy and special education.  She is currently having double vision and other eye problems. She is having ankle braces made to support her rolling ankles. This is all due to the tumor, tumor removal and treatment.  We are always holding our breath at every poke and every MRI. Like trying to breath under water without any help. My daughter has shown me what strength and bravery are, every child I have known battling cancer are truly the heroes and valiant ones. My daughter inspires me to be the best I can be. She is my hero. This wasn't supposed to be her childhood battle. Being a kid is a battle as it is. The doctor asked her what her superpower was yesterday.  Abby replied Bravery. I can't agree with her more. Her treatment ended July 24th 2019. But the battle is never truly over. Thank you for reading Abby's story through my eyes. 

Debbie Sieb

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