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Mile #20 Hanna 

This my beautiful daughter Hanna. She is 9. People always mistake her age as much younger because of how small she is. She is so small because of the radiation she received when she was 2 for the very large tumor in her head that was discovered by an ENT doctor who was removing her adenoids on 3/16/12. The day our lives changed forever. We were given contact information for UNC pediatric cancer clinic and within a week we learned that Hanna had stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma. A brutal regimen of treatment began. 51 weeks of chemo, 27 radiation doses. The radiation damaged her pituitary gland, which produces the growth hormone. Therefore, unless she can take synthetic growth hormones she will remain this size. Growth hormones can also cause the cancer to grow.
I wish being small was the only problem she was facing. She is currently on her 3rd clinical trial.This one at the NIH, which unfortunately, we found out Friday, may have stopped working. The above picture was taken Friday after having the talk with her oncologist here. 
Fortunately she is not out of options, but after 7 years of cancer treatment she is very tired. I show her your posts on Facebook all the time and I know she would be honored to be included in your next race.
Thanks for all you do,
Hanna’s mom

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