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Nicholas Urzynicok was diagnosed with multifocal osteosarcoma on April 23, 2018. He had just turned 11.

Nicholas underwent 10 months of chemotherapy, limb sparing surgery on both legs, surgeries on both lungs and two open biopsies. Nicholas is currently NED (no evidence of disease)!

He’s now getting a 9 month course of immunotherapy to help prevent a relapse to his lungs.

Nicholas was an expert skier and talented all-around athlete before his diagnosis. He suffered a spinal cord injury during his double limb sparing surgery and is still in rehab for that. Nicholas requires a wheelchair and/or crutches to get around.

He’s about to start 7th grade, and he’s taking archery lessons and is going to play sled hockey this fall.  We’re grateful for every day we get with him.

Thank you!
Michelle Urzynicok

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