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Thank you so much for running with Noah in your last race. I would be honored if you carry him again. So here goes: This is my beautiful boy, my light, my love and my purpose! Noah was diagnosed with Epithelioid Sarcoma of the cervical and thoracic spine in July of 2014. This is a very rare sarcoma in children. Our oncology department had only ever seen one other case. It's even more rare for it to develop on the spine. It is aggressive and very hard to treat. Noah endured some of the harshest chemo out there. Yet still the tumor grew. He went through a rigorous radiation schedule. Post radiation everyone was so hopeful because he was doing things he had not done in months. Then came the devastation scans showed that the original tumor had gotten smaller. We were elated, then there was the but..... But the lungs were now involved. He had large rumors on both lungs, with multiple small tumors covering his lungs. We then heard words like hospice and nothing more we can do, and I'm sorry. They gave us a general time frame of 3-6 months. This cancer was a beast, my beautiful Noah bravely stepped out of this life 3 weeks later on April 09, 2015. After nine months of fighting so damn hard my boy was tired and he needed to rest. Our world was sent spinning off its axis. My hero was gone. We live everyday trying to continue Noah's legacy, but we will never be as good as him. We have learned in his
passing that we always had it backwards, we weren't supposed to be the teacher. From the beginning he was here to teach us.
Tanya Nalley
(Noah's mom)
Noah Bishop
Forever 14
May 29, 2000-April 09, 2015
Epithelioid Sarcoma
Tattoo Tom, there are no words to express to you exactly what you mean to me and my family. I will say you have been lovingly dubbed in my house as "the man with the dragon tattoo". Stillbrave Tom Stillbrave
I want to leave you with the words that Noah left that have now became the guide that we strive to live by.
Ok so i just wanted to post a little something. So for allot of you that haven't heard the newest update on my cancer, i have four more tumors. 2 in each lung. They gave me an estimate of 6 years to live. But allot can happen in six years so im not worried at all. For all of you that will read this, please, go out of your way to make at least three people happy a day. Pass on your kindness. Improve one thing about yourself every day no matter how big or small. Treat people with respect because it may seem like somebody's aggravating you on propose or pushing your buttons but they may just have a rough life. Nobody knows what will happen for a fact when we did or when we die, so please go out of your way to reward others and yourself. Always be kind and live life to the fullest because life can turn your whole life around in a second. Trust me. There are some AMAZING people out there and for those who disagree then open your eyes because its out there. Through cancer i have met a wide variety of people and all of them have been amazing and caring. If you respect your life then itll respect you. Over all be your own person and dont judge people. Take the drama in your life and laugh at it. Dont let it control you. Always think happy. I have one request for all of you. Every day make at least one person smile. You won't regret it.
Respect life.
Live life.
Conquer life.

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