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Our beautiful, fierce, and wildly funny Summer Grace was diagnosed will Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 3, just 4 days before Christmas. In the months leading up to this, we noticed extreme changes in her mood, sleeplessness, bruises, a persistent cough, and pallor. Due to her cough, she was given medication for bronchitis and all other symptoms were explained away as "normal".  We knew in our hearts that we were dealing with something much worse than bronchitis. It wasn't too long after this that she started to become lethargic, her heart rate increased drastically, and she started developing petechiae and swollen lymph nodes. Once again, we took her to the doctor, and she was diagnosed with pneumonia. This time, though, we demanded a blood test, because we believed she was fighting Leukemia. Unfortunately, our worst fears were realized when the blood test results confirmed Leukemia. Summer spent the next 2 years and 2 months fighting this awful disease. Her journey hasn't been easy, but her story is one of joy and triumph. We're so proud of our little warrior and so thankful to be able to say that she is finished with treatment and doing well! 

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