Mile #17 in honor of Peyton

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I would be negligent if I did not ask for you to carry Peyton with you again for your next journey. She’s been with you every year. ❤️😉

When you bring her along, It makes me feel like she get's to see things and experience things she will never get to. I also like to think she brings you a little bit of strength among the many kids you carry as she was a child of strength! She never complained and looked at everything with smiles, laughter and joy. 

Peyton Lisa Hall
D.O.B: July 13, 2006
Dx: August 6, 2010
Cancer Type: DIPG
D.O.D: March 2,2012

Our girl of much laughter and joy. She always found a way to bring smiles to others even when she was at her sickest. She loved to sing, dance, craft and visit the museum. I 

Thank you again Tom!

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