Mile #166 in honor of Alexandra

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Mile #166 Alexandra 

Hi Tattoo Tom, 
I'd be honored if you'd carry my Alexandra's photo on your next 200're just amazing.....

Alexandra had many nicknames, my favorite was "The Bandit", because she had a furtive, clever way of stealing items like TV remotes...and hiding them FOREVER....she adored all stuffed animals, and animated movies, especially Bolt and Ratatouille...but also Toy Story, Over the Hedge, Ice Age, Mega, you name it! She had a hard time falling asleep because she wanted to keep playing until wee hours....and when she was diagnosed with brain cancer, and lost her hair, she was still the most beautiful little girl....I miss her hugs, her smell, her laughter, her voice....all of the senses my mind and soul crave constantly....kisses to Heaven my 'Xandra....

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