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Mile #167 Quinn 

Our Quinn is your typical all American nine year old sports loving boy. There isn't a sport that he doesn't enjoy watching or playing or a sports statistic that he isn't interested in learning. He was so excited to start fourth grade! He finally got the teacher he was hoping for and several of his good friends were in the same class. 

Quinn began having pain in late May 2018 which we attributed to him over-stretching while playing baseball. He had pain on and off over the next few months but it always went away. We discussed it with our pediatrician at his annual well check in July and she ruled out anything serious.

After a great labor day weekend our son woke up the Tuesday after with excruciating pain in his leg. We knew something was wrong when he asked to go to the Dr. and miss school. He never wants to miss school! He couldn't put weight on it but felt better after it was elevated for a while. Thankfully we were able to get in to the pediatrician's office that morning. The Dr. didn't find anything during the exam but decided to send us for a precautionary xray anyway. My heart dropped when the xray technician came out and said she was going to check with the Doctor about taking a few more pictures. Within an hour after leaving the appointment we learned that Quinn had a mass in his left femur that was more than likely osteosarcoma. We had no clue what that was but knew that it wasn't good. Luckily, we were able to get in the very next day with an amazing surgeon and later the next week with a pediatric oncologist. 

Quinn was diagnosed on September 4th and began treatment on September 18th at INOVA Fairfax. He had surgery to have his port placed and started chemo on the very same day. He just finished up his first five week round of chemo and starts his second 5 week round tomorrow, October 25th. After his initial 10 weeks of chemo are complete he will have surgery to have the 15cm mass removed replacing the majority of his left femur with a prosthetic bone. Quinn will have a brief time to recover and then they will begin an additional 17 weeks of chemo post surgery. 

This has been the hardest five weeks of Quinn's life but throughout it all he has kept a smile on his sweet little face and been so very brave. Every single time his port has been accessed the nurses have commented on what a strong little guy he is. He doesn't even flinch when they stick that huge needle in his chest. 

Quinn has continued to be positive and finds inspiration in all the success stories, especially those that include sports figures. We feel very blessed to live in this area with a wealth of medical professionals as well as organizations such as yours that are fighting this fight with us. We would be so grateful if you would include Quinn in one of your miles.

We have encountered some of the kindest individuals since Quinn's diagnosis and it has restored our faith in humanity.

Thank you so much!
Nikki & Peter Gorman

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