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Danica was diagnosed at 21 months old with Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT). She went through six months of chemo, three stem cell transplants and six weeks of radiation. Unfortunately, she suffered a litany of complications and ultimately a relapse. She has now had radiation necrosis, 15 different surgeries, meningitis, and after 29 plane flights (including four medevacs and one unconscious flight on Alaska Airlines with hydrocephalus) her family has had to move from Alaska to Washington to be nearer to care. An ATRT relapse is quite dire, but with all these new therapies, we hope that more children will begin to slip through the cracks and survive. She’s on a trial drug, and her tumor size has been decreasing since November. Even after all the difficult experiences and Danica, now 4, continues to be a delight and a joy. She enjoys painting, scootering around the neighborhood, legos with her big brother Gus, and making her little brother Hawkins laugh.

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