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Hello. This is JJ. He was diagnosed with Leukemia ( Pre B ALL) in 2013 just after his 2nd Birthday. He went through 3 and a half years of treatment and on Sep 27 2016 he completed treatment. Treatment was not easy causing him to go into kidney failure and now causing some side effects, but we feel beyond blessed everyday with him.
He loves his sister with all his heart, says he wants to be just like his dad and his grandpa is his bestfriend. He loves cuddling with mom and taking care of grandma. He is currently taking part in a clinical research study about Hispanics and Leukemia. His words are"he wants to help kids like him not feel sick or have to take so many medications"
He was treated at El Paso children's hospital and continues to be monitored every 3 months. He is a HAPPY silly boy who loves to draw, loves Sonic the Hedgehog, creating stop motion movies and eating cheese burgers and popcorn. He has overcome so much in life and will continue to overcome all these long term side effects. He is our hero!

Thank you Tattoo Tom for the dedication you have for all the children. Thank you for being a voice for them and for us parents. May you be abundantly blessed.

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