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Mile #149 Aiden 

Here is a Photo if my son Aiden to carry with you! Thank you so much! 

This bio is from his point of view. Aiden is now 12 years old

I was diagnosed with cancer when I was only 10 weeks old! I was flown in a air ambulance to CHEO ( Children’s hospital of eastern Ontario)

The cancer I had was called Rhabdomyosarcoma..
I know that sounds funny eh! 

My cancer was growing in my
Prostate which is just below my bladder ( the pouch that holds your pee)

I endured 1 year of surgery and chemotherapy, we lived at the Ronald McDonald House. When I was 1 and a half I was in remission! ( the cancer wasn’t growing anymore) 

The nurses put my chemotherapy drugs into an IV line that attached to this big needle which was pushed into my chest into a central line that went directly to my heart so that my entire body got the medication. I cried a lot in the beginning but then I was very strong and didn’t cry much once I was used to it! 

It was nice being in remission! I came back to Kirkland Lake and enjoyed family time. 

6 months after I went back in for an MRI ( a really big machine that takes pictures so clear the doctors can see your nerves!) 
The Dr told my parents that my cancer was back..
I was almost 2 years old

This time the cancer was growing in my bladder.. the doctors told my
Mom and dad that they would have to take out my bladder and my prostate and that I would need another year of treatment and this time also radiation. ( radiation is a huge camera that sends a bunch of radioactive waves through your body to try and kill the bad cancer cells that are left there)

I did 52 more weeks ( one whole year) of chemotherapy after they removed my bladder and prostate which left me with a urostomy. 

I am now 9 years in remission and 4 years considered cancer free!

As I grow older I continue to have health concerns. 

I have to be careful with my body so I don’t get hurt.

I have chronic pain from the surgeries.

I have neuropathy in my arms and legs (which makes my muscles harder to work)

I have risks of having heart problems and have to have a yearly echocardiogram to make sure my
Heart is still ok. 

My hips don’t grow like normal because of the radiation they stopped growing properly at age 2.

And I am at a high risk of either relapsing or getting a secondary cancer because of the treatments I did receive in the past. 

Thanks again! 

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