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Hi Tom, 

This beauty here is my girl Sophia Hope. She was mile 66 of one of your very first races. 

Sophie was diagnosed with brain cancer ( Medulloblastoma) TWO days after her first birthday. 

Sophia was inpatient for NINE months consecutively. During that time, Sophia had 2 brain surgeries and coded during  a routine powerline ( double lumen) surgery... but is there anything “regular” about kids cancer! ?? The surgeon (unknowingly)  pierced her vein and she bled into her chest

She coded right before my very eyes in the recovery room. By the Grace of God, she came back to me and here she is 7 years later. Cancer free, but it was costly. She is blind, has learning disabilities, is learning to speak,has  orthopedic disabilities and is just learning to trust again. 

I can’t thank you enough for all you do for families like mine. It’s so important.  God bless you!

Suzie & Sophia

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