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I am Carla Hood
Right now, I'm 52 Years 10 Months 1 Week of Age.

Dx: Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma
On: January 22, 1968 (my Dad's 37th Birthday)
At: 8 1/2 Months of Age

My life has never been what I'd call easy, but it has always been a story worth telling; perhaps one could say I've been #RenegadeStrong from the start. My heart stopped beating the day I was born, and so I came into this world fighting to remain!

I was diagnosed with Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma on January 22 1968 at just 8 1/2 Months of Age. On January 28 1968, I had surgery to remove my Right Kidney and a 2 1/2 pound tumor the size of big man’s fist. That was followed up with chemotherapy (which consisted of 250 INDIVIDUAL SHOTS given directly into the tops of both my hands) to dissolve what remained of the cancer on my Left Kidney and the outer lining of my stomach. I wasn’t expected to see in my 1st Birthday and though the odds were decidedly stacked against me, I came out on the swinging side of this journey. I’ve given my voice over to all of the kids & families who have to deal with the struggle against Childhood cancer! I carry the kids with me, I speak their names, I tell about their journeys and I refuse to allow them to ever be forgotten!! I will do whatever it takes to do my part so all the kids & families can not only have the same chances & opportunities in life that I’ve been given, but also so hopefully soon they have the same outcome as my family & I have had.

The photos in this collage are as follows:
~* Top left photo – 2 Days shy of my 1st Birthday, 3 1/2 Months Post Dx
~* Top right photo – 4 Years 2 Months of Age, 3 Years 5 1/2 Months Post Dx
~* Bottom left photo – Mother/Daughter Tea 1985, almost 18 Years of Age and over 17 Years Post Dx
~* Bottom right photo – 52 Years 10 Months of Age, 52 Years 1 Month 11 Days Post Dx

By the time the Moab 240 begins, I'll be 53 Years 5 Months 4 Days of Age, 52 Years 8 Months 17 Days & Counting Post Diagnosis of cancer, and I should still be swinging strong! There's not a single day that passes when I don't think of everything that COULD have been, MIGHT have been, SHOULD have been, and because of the diagnosis I received as an infant can NEVER be; but I won't allow any of that to stop me or define me. I'm a mover and a shaker; I'm not just a human BEING, but also a human DOING!

"Move mountains,
turn your dreams into reality;
don't just imagine:
~ Carla Hood ~
© 03.08.12

I'm right there with you, should to shoulder and side by side every step of the way! I'm in for the long haul!
No retreat, no surrender!

Thank you so much every single day for being you, for giving it your all (and then some), and for everything you & the Stillbrave Foundation do, Tattoo Tom my friend and Renegade brother!!

Many hugs and #RockSolidRenegadeLove always,
Carla Hood

"Thinking inside the box shows limitations, thinking outside the box shows expectations, believing there is NO box means anything is possible!" ~Carla Hood~

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