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Mile #14 Brendan 

My son Brendan was diagnosed with a brain tumor on his Pineal gland at 7 months old. He had 7 total rounds of chemo. 3 of those were high dose chemo with stem cell rescue. He had RSV during those treatments. We were given a very bad prognosis for him and were told we would lose him several times during those those months. He was able to finish treatments and was finally able to go home after almost 11 months. The treatments we're tough but the solid tumor was gone. 
He had a very wonderful 21 months without treatment but unfortunately when he was 3 a new tumor was found. This time we would have 2 rounds of a chemo protocol called ICE. The chemo made him terribly sick and a routine MRI showed the tumor had continued to grow. We stopped treatment. There is no protocol for his cancer. We did not know what would come next. It was decided our best option was surgery. Surgery is very risky but it was a success. We were then referred to a proton radiation clinic in Oklahoma City. He had 30 rounds of proton radiation. He has been tumor free for over two years. The baby that wasn't supposed to be here started Kindergarten this year.
Brendan has been on all 3 bigfoot races with you and one other marathon. Thank you!

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