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Mile #13 Ava 

Ava Kay was diagnosed shortly after her 2nd birthday with grade 3 ependymoma brain cancer. She was immediately taken to Children's Mercy in KC about 3 hours from our home to begin a journey full of surgeries(40), chemotherapy(14 months), proton radiation(33), gamma knife radiation, long hospital stays, and so much more pain than she ever bargained for.
Since her original diagnosis Ava has relapsed twice but is currently stable with a tumor that is neither growing nor shrinking. These relapses have moved her tumor grade up to an aggressive 3 and dropped her overall survival rate to less than 20%.
Although she is in a really good place we are dealing with long term side effects from treatment. Ava's pituitary gland was severely damaged during radiation so growth hormones injections are given daily. Radiation also caused major learning delays, Ava spends her entire school day busting her little butt to catch up and continue to advance.

Thanks Tom! We love you!

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