Mile #132 in honor of Taylor

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Mile #132 Taylor 

Hey Tom,

We are Facebook friends, you've carried my daughter's picture for years, and I met you at the 46 Momma's event in DC last year.

I waited much longer, this year, before submitting Taylor's photo. As we get further from her end of treatment, the guilt piles on. I don't always feel like a survivor's mother. Some days it all feels like a horrible nightmare (that helped end my marriage and ruined my baby's childhood) and other's the memories are visceral- swirling around me close enough to taste.

But we did survive. It did happen. Our new reality was formed, in large part, by cancer. And I've dedicated my life to loving and advocating for children, so I believe Taylor's picture needs to be carried. She endured hell and was able to continue on. Pushing these terrifying memories to the back of our minds will not do any good, it will only serve to drive me back into complacency. 

Thank you, Tom. As always, we love you. We support you. We see you.


Chelsea Gatlin and The Payne Kiddos

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