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This is my son Damon.
Damon was diagnosed on his 16th bday (May 9th 2018) at MDA with Osteosarcoma in his right femur. On August 15th 2018 he went into a 9-hour surgery to receive a internal prosthesis. Five days later we were flying back home to Amarillo. At his three week check up, Damon was released to drive. It should have taken months. He worked hard. Did not require any PT. Damon never missed a beat. He was everywhere and anywhere his friends needed him. Football, basketball, baseball it didn’t matter, he was there. Damon finished chemo in Feb of 2019. This summer he was accepted to Texas Tech for Fall 2020. He will head in March 16-17, 2020 for his one year post treatment scans, turn 18 on May 9th and graduate later in May.

You can find more pictures with the #DamonStrong on Instagram if needed. Below is Damon’s 2020 senior photo and a couple local links.

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