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I am submitting my son Mason Jaxon Price who was born on AUG 7 2016. Mason was a strong spirit and battled hard for 8.5 months with minimal assistance from the doctors and our community. Later, many organizations had trickled in slowly attempting to rectify the lack of care the doctors had given him beating every timeline that they claimed to be. With his treatment being delayed seeing as they did not want to take the time to reassure him with the care necessary for his survival. Mason started to decline rapidly with little to no body function to sustain leaving us stranded with his care and not knowing where to go to get the help he needed to give him as much time as the others. Mason was a fund spirited child that always loved going to national parks and playgrounds going to different beaches and always was a happy kiddo. Our family was devastated as to his passing and we only wish to honor his legacy as a child who deserved the best but just merely got left behind all because there is little to no help because most people did not wish to be bothered with his diagnosis. Diagnosis date was FEB 16, 2022

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