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Morgan Jared Munoz 
He was a good loving kid, love to play with animals, loved his family because that was his favorite thing in this world, it was always about family, he was born on May 12 of 2009 after a 15 hour labor by c section, since the first day of his life he fought to be here. At the age of 4 yrs old he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma the tumor crushed his spinal cord so he was in a wheelchair until his last breath, but that did not stop him from doing what he wanted, he loved to play video games and have fun dancing, swimming, race with his wheelchair .He was a Star Wars fan also loved anime. He got to do multiple rounds of chemo, had a couple of surgeries and radiation that help him stay alive for almost 3 yrs. He was the most amazing kid, he would care for other, even when he was in pain. He wanted to be a nurse in the oncology department so he can take care of all does kids that had the same diagnosis that he had, and he always said kid shouldn’t have to suffer. He was the rock of his hole family and he his my inspiration to be the best human being that I can be. If you can honored him by running a mile on his name we would really appreciate. Thank you so much I know he is very proud of what he has done in this world, he has touch millions o people around the world with his story. He always held his head high and in brace what he did, he never gave up, got the bull
By the horns and did what he wanted. He past away on January 14 at 2:33am of 2017 .

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