Mile #120 in honor of Sean

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Mile #120 Sean 

Good morning Tom!

Let me start by just saying THANK YOU for all that you do for all of our kids each and every day. You inspire me!! 

If there are any miles left for your upcoming BigFoot Ultra Marathon, I would be so honored if you would carry a picture of my superhero Sean Ries for one of them.

Sean has been bravely battling a brain tumor for more than half his life. He was the picture of health...never sick as a baby or toddler, hitting every milestone, so we were completely blindsided when he had a seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor in February 2012, just 8 days before his 5th birthday. Initially told that his tumor was inoperable, we would not accept that and sought opinions across the country until we found the best treatment option for him. Sean would ultimately endure three brain surgeries that year to remove about 80% of his tumor. It was determined that this was not an aggressive tumor, so it was "watch and wait" before taking on any additional treatment, with MRIs every 3 months. During this time, for the next year and a half, Sean was in outpatient rehab twice a week working hard to recover some of speech and motor deficits that resulted from the surgeries he had. Happily, what was left of his tumor remained stable, so MRIs were spread out to every 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, and finally a year. In February 2017, at his first annual MRI, we were blindsided once again when the scan revealed a new tumor in his brain. In May 2017 he would undergo a 4th brain surgery to remove this new tumor, which was found to be progressing from what his original diagnosis showed. This time, surgery alone would not be enough, so he went on to have 30 rounds of Proton radiation. He finished treatment in August 2017. He is back in rehab once a week, working hard to recover some of the deficits resulting from surgery and radiation, and we are back to regular MRIs every 3-4 months. Yesterday's scan "looked great"! It's been a long journey with a lot of ups and downs, but the one thing that has never changed is Sean's amazing personality! He has remained the same sweet, loving, athletic, funny kid, always with a sweet smile on his face throughout all he's been through. He inspires me every day. You can follow his story at

Attached are a few pics from the journey of this amazing kid. 

Keep doing what you are doing Tom, and I'll be cheering you on that this is the year you conquer this event!!

With love,
Brenda Ries

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