Mile #107 in honor of Golden Sonic

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If there is an open spot I would be honored if my son "Golden Sonic" could be one of those miles. He was and still is one of my most precious people and Moab one of my most precious places.
The bristlecone pines are to die for! They are highly resilient to harsh weather and bad soils, much like Sonic. They are also the oldest known pine species which adds to how incredibly gnarly they are. 

A short bio about Sonic because I am hoping he makes the cut in time:

Golden Sonic was the happiest child that I have ever met. He loved to dance and sing! He was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL at the age of three. He fought like hell for two years and never lost his spark. Throughout his life he was always a daredevil and trickster, keeping everyone on their toes. He loved to make funny voices and laughed all of the time. Every day he would play his air guitar and belt out tunes. Sadly, in 2012, he was tragically taken from this world. The treatment was horrendous and still not enough to keep the cancer away. There is no easy way to say it. My child was tortured to death as the one he trusted the most had to hold him down for countless pokes and procedures. I will never forget the last time I gazed into those beautiful blue eyes and he said "I love you Mommy. I just want to go home" 

Thank you for your endurance and grit. Thank you so very much for your consideration. Please see the attached photo. 

Best wishes,

Roxanne Noble

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