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Mile #100 Josiah 

Josiah signed up for mile 100 at Curefest. He was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in Dec2016, on his sister's birthday. In the summer of 2016 he began to experience chest pains than fevers and body aches. Symptoms were always explained away as growing pains or viral, until one day he slept all day in school. He was a 5 year old kindergartener. He is being treated at Children's National Hospital in Washington DC. His journey has been a challenging but I imagine it is for all that are facing cancer. Our family motto is In this Family, Fighting Alone is not an option. Unfortunately 8 months after Josiah's diagnosis, his grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. He is been an inspiration to everyone he meets. A ball of energy to make you laugh and cry. He is a PG county flag football champion, he had held lemonade stands and fundraisers to help other kids fight cancer as well. He has 18 months of treatment left. His social media

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