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This is my daughter Abby, who is now 9-years-old. Abby was diagnosed with an sPNET (supratentorial primitive ectodermal tumor) in January 2016 when she was 5-years-old. She had brain surgery to remove the whole tumor, 6 weeks of daily radiation, and then 4 rounds of in-patient chemo, which had her in the hospital for 2 weeks a month for 4 months.

We are very grateful to say that Abby has been in remission since August 2016. She continues to have brain MRIs every 6 months, takes a thyroid pill every morning, and gets growth hormone injections every night. She is a fighter and amazes us every single day!! We are in Raleigh, NC, and Abby gets her treatments at Duke Children's Hospital. Here is a recent pic of her heading to 4th grade!

Thank you so much for all that you do!!
We started a non-profit here in Raleigh called Abby's Army NC. We are in awe of the work you do! It means the world to these kids and families.
We will be cheering you on through your whole race! 💜

(Abby's momma)

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