Mile #80 in honor of Simone

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I’d love my little Simone to be remembered and to help Tom crush Moab again this year!

My sweet Sim was diagnosed with infant leukemia at 10.5 months old. For the next 16 months we lived, laughed and did our best to give her a joyful and fun life despite cancer and chemo. 
Simone’s short life was filled with happy and beautiful memories up until the day she suddenly and unexpectedly left us.
We never were given nor found a cause of death. Our girl was cancer free yet gone. Even an autopsy would reveal nothing. Except the fact that the chemotherapy we are giving these kids is toxic. So basically my baby girl died from the treatment that was supposed to save her.

That’s not ok.
My Simone and all the kids still fighting deserve so much more!
Simone Jolie Otterman

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