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Madison was diagnosed in January 2011 with a rare form of brain cancer. It's called choroid plexus .She was the youngest dx there at only 4-months-old. She had a total of 11 cycles of chemo all before she turned 1-year-old. Too many MRIs, spinal taps and inpatient stays in that short 8 months. The doctors put her in remission when she was 13-months-old but still was getting spinal taps, MRIs every 3 months. But unfortunately after her 9 month scan her doctor called and told us that she had relapsed with two new brain tumors. She immediately went in and had a port placed and began outpatient chemo. Nothing was working and they wanted to send her home on hospice, but that wasn’t an option! So on September 11, 2013 she underwent another tumor removal and had a tumor marker test done and it came back with 4 different chemos/ meds that will hopefully get rid of her cancer/tumors. She started the treatment the end of September 2013 and she stopped treatment September 2017. It was a clinical trial. She just got the news she’s NED in August 2019. She continues to get MRIs every 6 months. She battles everyday with side effects that chemo and the cancer has left her wit,h but we just take one day at a time. She is a true miracle! Maddie is now 9-years-old and has been fighting since she was just 4-months-old .
My hero!!

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