Mile #66 in honor of Ayden

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Mile #66 Ayden 

Ayden type of cancer is rare. There is only 25 types in the country. He also tested positive for FAP which is a polyp gen that is assositated with cancer. There is only 1 other in the country that has had this with this type of cancer. The type of cancer Ayden has is adrenal gland carcinoma. Ayden is 4yr old and loves his 3 older brothers very much. He is very close to his 7yr old brother. Ayden has had 2 rounds of chemo already. He does chemo by mouth 4 times a day and every 3 weeks he goes to the hospital for 5 day round of chemo. We have decided when he goes to the hospital to keep his spirits up we are taking a brother. Found out this helps.

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