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I wanted to nominate my son, Ryan Licht, a stage IV hepatoblastoma survivor, for the Moab 240 mile marker fundraiser. Currently, Ryan is a 20-year-old Sports Marketing major at James Madison University; at the age of nine months and had a 10% chance of survival. We have always insisted on everyone seeing Ryan first and his cancer second....and while he has a high-frequency hearing loss (and some other medical issues), it hasn't stopped him!

During his senior year of high school, the COVID-19 quarantine hit. It was tough to spend the last few months of his senior year away from his friends and the milestones of senior year. To stay connected to his friends (and their love of football) he started a podcast: Quarantine Football.  What started as a fun way to chat turned into an interview show with NFL players!! 

Ryan then graduated and headed off to JMU; he continues to periodically work on his podcast when time allows and has expanded his sports work to edits for high school football prospects (see IG @RLEdits24) 

Ryan is currently working with the Hepatoblastoma Resource Network to develop a podcast.  The plan is for Ryan and co-host Madison to connect with teens and young adults who have also had a cancer journey. 

Ryan's podcast was featured on CBSNY and Fox Philadelphia.  He was also featured on, which I'm including.

Thanks for your consideration!
All my best,

Stacey Palant

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