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Landon is 6 years old and lives in Orlando, FL. He loves to learn. He especially loves calendars and clocks. He can convert 12 hour to 24 hour time at 4 years old.  He has B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic  Leukemia.

He was a healthy child up until January of 2021. He started to complain that his back was hurting. Doctor wrote it off as being a boy (playing rough).
Fast forward to March, his back was getting worse and was getting low grade fevers.  We took him back to doctor and told us to get him to a Orthopedic specialist the next day.  We went to the Orthopedic and he want a MRI Stat.  The only way was to go to the children's hospital Emergency Room.  They did a xray and found compress fractures all down his vertebrate.  They later notice something on with his blood.  Two hours later, we are on Oncology Floor being told I think your child has cancer.  After a couple days on March 15, 2021 it was confirmed that Landon has B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Landon is currently in the maintenance part of treatment. His treatment is about 2 1/2 years of Chemotherapy. He is set to finish treatment in May of 2023.

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