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Christopher Cramer was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Father's Day, June 16th this year. He was only 6-months-old. He had a seizure which led us to the ER. After a biopsy was done at INOVA Children's Hospital, it was determined he had a Glioblastoma multiforme grade 4 tumor on his left side of his brain, spots starting on the right and in his spinal cord. We were told there wasn't much they could do, but were in talks with St. Jude for chemo treatment. After a few days of being home and starting a "bucket list" for Christopher, we got the call from St. Jude he had been accepted into their hospital!

On July 4th, Christopher had another seizure that landed him back into INOVA's PICU for the second time. We were then cleared to get on a plane to head to Memphis, TN on July 7th. After 4 days of being a St. Jude patient, Christopher had another seizure which landed us in nearby LeBonheur Children's Hospital where it was discovered Christopher had some bleeding on the brain from the size of the tumor. It was removed successfully that same evening.

Once back at St. Jude, talks of his chemo plan began. The doctor explained that Christopher's tumor was very rare. They said he had a neuroepithelial tumor. It was like a glioma tumor but had the molecular structure of a different type of tumor. They told us we would be here a minimum of 8 months.

Christopher just had a MRI scan after 2 rounds of chemo, and I am happy to report no new growth has started and even the spots on his spine are gone! He still has at least 6 months of treatment to go.

I pray that he defies the odds against him and the cancer stays away. He has suffered hearing loss from the chemo, but I would gladly accept that over the loss of my son.

Thank you for your dedication to our children and this horrible disease that they have to battle!


Jamie Cramer

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