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Lily was a sweet, vibrant, HEALTHY 2-year-old when we first noticed a protrusion in her abdomen. We took her to the doctor thinking it was nothing serious and we’d be home that evening. Instead, they sent us to the hospital for further tests. Within 48hrs she had exploratory surgery where they removed a tumor, her kidney, appendix and adrenal gland. She would be diagnosed with a Stage 3 Favorable Histology Wilms Tumor (kidney cancer). Our world was flipped upside down! She had to undergo chemo, but the team decided to withhold radiation, as her prognosis without it seemed good. It technically had not spread, but the tumor cavity wall was thin enough that microscopic cells could have escaped to her abdomen cavity.

Lily is now 2 years NED, growing like a weed and blossoming into such a beautiful, intelligent, strong girl! She will be starting Kindergarten in Fall of 2020. We are forever grateful for what the doctors & pediatric cancer community have done for our family, & all of the milestones she’s met in the past few years!

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