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Delainee,  her diagnosis was officially high risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia type b. At 4 years old. She is 11 now. She is currently "dragon free". She called her cancer dragons. She has a cyst growing on her pituitary gland. She was left with skin lupus and now suffers from almost daily migraines... she endured almost every side effect possible during treatment but always stayed positive. As always she fights bravely and with a smile and grace only our children can fight with.  She draws and writes stories and is a great student. Principal's list every time. She just started homeschool because her chronic migraines and anxiety are affected her more and making traditional school a challenge. Her childhood was forever changed as we were as a family. She deals with severe anxieties as well now. But she is a true warrior and fights on.  Her joints are starting to bother her recently and we are hoping that doesn't get worse. Her "dragons" are gone but like most of our amazing warriors she still fights! Delainee is currently in patient 3 hours from home being treated for anorexia. Partly triggered by her PTSD from her past experiences.  She got down to 88lbs before admission. she's 5'5" tall.  Early when this started she was admitted for low heart rate and was critical for a few days.  Thank you for loving our warrior and for all you do and for just being you. 

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