Mile #184 in honor of Daisy

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Mile #184 Daisy 

Our daughter Daisy has been battling Medulloblastoma, brain cancer for half of her life. She was diagnosed at the tender age of six and has relapsed multiple times. Her diagnosis changed our lives in every possible way. She loved painting our world with stickers, markers and band-aids. No room in our home was safe from her special decorating abilities. Nor was she. She is filled with a particular kind of joy and uniqueness that is the most rare but
cancer didn’t care. It has tried its best to destroy her most beautiful qualities but she has persevered despite the struggles. She lives one day at a time and delights in spreading joy to others to make them laugh by telling jokes. Fart jokes are her favorite.
Daisy has run out of options in our home state so we travel every month to Georgia for the dream and hope of more time with our girl, and of course, advancements in treatment options to save her precious life. 
Tom, I have already begun praying for you for this epic marathon. Thank you for all you do for all the kids battling this horrific disease. Thank you for being one who is making a difference in the lives of so many warriors.

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