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Jacob is 19. He is five years out from alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma stage 1 clinical group 2c.

Jacob had a hard lump growing in his jaw muscle at age 14. The Drs. were concerned, so they did surgery to remove the lump. They ended up removing his parotid gland and 50% of his jaw muscle. The surgery had positive margins unfortunately. Jacob endured 42 weeks of V.A.C. chemotherapy and 28 sessions of radiation. His post PET scans repeatedly showed enhancements. He continued to have surgeries and biopsies. He had his tonsils removed, laryngeal biopsies of the area, a hard mass was also taken out ,(scar tissue). All of which were negative for cancer. His doctors decided to stop poking and prodding him. But on his last scan. his 5 year scan, Jacob had a new 8mm spot that showed up on his lung. Once again Jacob was told he needed surgery. On November 2019 The day before Thanksgiving, Jacob had an open thoracotomy wedge resection. Thankfully this ended up being a granuloma with a fungi center known as Valley fever.

Jacob is trying to continue on with his life as an adult. Working but struggles with issues with his knees and feet due to chemotherapy.

Jacobs grandpa was a resident of Moab Utah. He did in 2002. Most people knew him by Grumpy. Thank you for caring and doing so much for our kids.


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